Membership Committee

Our members are the backbone of our organization. This group is responsible for member engagement, benefits, and retention, as well as outreach to new and former members. The members of this committee are focused on enhancing member value and ensuring that all members receive the assistance they require to have the greatest membership experience possible. The committee collaborates closely with the Contech America Executive Director, staff, and Board of Directors to create and implement innovative initiatives targeted at increasing corporate engagement, networking, and opportunity sharing in the community.

Events Committee

Contech America takes pleasure in producing and organizing some of South Florida’s most successful and intriguing technology events. The events committee is in charge of planning and publicizing these events for Contech America members and visitors. The Events Committee is in charge of planning, coordinating, and executing our regular and hallmark events.

Academia Committee

The Academia committee consists of professors, students, and staff experienced in the construction industry. The committee acts as a catalyst for collaboration between technology, business, and academia in order to spark our imaginations and find solutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges. By driving change, asking probing questions, and posing “what if” circumstances, we help our member firms achieve construction excellence.

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy/Legislative committee makes certain our members are always up to date on the most relevant news and problems affecting our industry. This committee actively supports or opposes legislation that might have a broad impact on the technology industry. These talks spark a slew of grassroots activities inside the organization and motivate our members to act on important legislation.

Women of Contech

The Women of Contech America group works to provide a welcoming environment for our organization’s professional women members. This committee brings together women in Contech America to share ideas, business objectives, and ambitions in order to assist their firms’ growth and promote Contech America across the community.

Communications/Technology Committee

This committee’s major tasks include updating and preserving the association’s brand integrity through digital means. The committee is also committed to publicizing Contech America’s accomplishments, goals, and interests in all forms of media. Members of the committee represent a cross-section of the industries we represent and contribute to our blog and association publications.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is in charge of supervising the accounting rules and internal financial controls of the company. It also collaborates with the Board of Directors to keep them informed about the Organization’s financial situation and dangers.

Junior Directors Committee/Young Leaders in Contech America

This committee actively communicates with younger Contech America members and junior directors in order to provide them with advice on how to get the most out of their participation. It also lays out a path to becoming a voting member of the Board of Directors, as well as educating the next generation of Contech America leaders about the organization’s history and director responsibilities. The committee is often made up of both seasoned directors with a history of association service and new members under the age of 30.


Solving today’s affordable housing crisis requires a new, revolutionary way of building and managing real estate – one that reimagines the industry and leverages the efficiencies of technological innovation to drastically reduce the cost and time burden of homebuilding. Contech and proptech solutions offer equitable access to affordable and available housing.


Contech America’s strategy for sustainable solutions is guided by three guiding principles:
1. Driving operational energy efficiency;
2. Improving quality and productivity through end-to-end processes;
3. Reducing traditional materials, time, and energy waste.
We believe that successful solutions must be both environmentally and economically sustainable in order to expand and have a realimpact. As a result, we advocate for solutions that improve environmental efficiency, lower costs, and add value to all stakeholders.


Safety in construction is one of the most important requirements but it is often neglected on construction sites. Historically, construction workers suffer more fatal and nonfatal injuries than other industries. Appropriate measures should be taken to improve safety at the site and offsite in order to prevent loss of limbs and life, suffering, and damage from preventable accidents. We have discussed here the safety management in the construction industry. Most of the accidents in the construction sector are caused due by a lack of proper education and training regarding safety measures and also because of negligence and ignorance on the part of either the worker or the management.

Larry Riley of Access Safety is the Director of Safety