Global Partner Associations 

Contech America is America’s Official Construction and Property Technology Association. Our Executive Director and Board allocated one year to identifying the most distinguished domestic and global construction and property technology related organizations and associations. After carefully curating a potential partner association list, we began our personalized outreach, and we are proud to announce that in 2021 Contech America has achieved a presence on six continents. Contech America’s partnership with each of these distinguished associations extends unique benefits to all of their respective contech and proptech members.

Founding Partners

Any partner category that wishes to be recognized as a founding sponsor in the organization

Research Partners

Innovation centers, universities, domestic and international groups, and academia

Platinum Partners

Any party that wishes to sponsor and benefit from Contech America

Corporate Contributors

Any party that wishes to sponsor and benefit from Contech America 

Community Partners

Federal, state, and local municipalities

Industry and

Media Partners

Investment community, technical and non-technical partners.