Safety Initiative

“Contech America is committed to our safety initiative for all stakeholders related to construction and the respective finished product. This not only includes the construction workers, but bystanders during the construction process, the homeowners, their pets, and any future resident of the completed project.” – John Gallo, Executive Director

Contech America’s Safety mission is to identify and promote contech and proptech solutions that increase safety and minimize risk on construction sites in America and beyond. Contech America’s is proud to announce that Larry Riley, CEO of Access Safety, has been nominated as its Director of Safety Committee.

Why do construction workers suffer more fatal and nonfatal injuries than other industries?

Safety in construction is one of the most important requirements but it is often neglected on construction sites. Historically, construction workers suffer more fatal and nonfatal injuries than other industries. Appropriate measures should be taken to improve safety at the site and offsite in order to prevent loss of limbs and life, suffering, and damage from preventable accidents. We have discussed here the safety management in the construction industry.

Is it really possible to avoid accidents on construction job sites?

Most of the accidents in the construction sector are caused due by a lack of proper education and training regarding safety measures and also because of negligence and ignorance on the part of either the worker or the management.

In recent years, the construction industry has taken many steps to ensure safe working conditions and safe work practices, yet the occupation remains to be hazardous.

Prevention of accidents is a major aim of construction management, both for human and financial consideration. Contech America is committed to continuing the pursuit for a increased safety through the development of contech and proptech. The importance of safety management in construction and safety management system in construction is paramount. Effective safety management in construction projects ensures the proper administration of the safety precautions to be carried out at every stage of the construction site. Contech America’s is proud to announce that it has nominated Larry Riley, CEO of Access Safety as its Safety Director.