Contech America’s core purpose is to educate, promote, facilitate, and solve the challenges related to construction and property technology adoption.  


This is achieved by sharing insights and best practices from global industry leaders, in addition to educating our members on all the new technologies used worldwide, including sharing the latest contech and proptech achievements, developments, and successful implementations. 

Contech America was created to collaborate with global leaders in construction technology to address the lack of technological innovation and adoption in the construction industry.


While the rest of the developed world has made significant strides in construction technology innovation and implementation; America has remained stagnant for decades. 


Since 1947, productivity in manufacturing, retail, and agriculture have grown in the US by as much as 1,500%; productivity in construction has barely increased at all (see exhibit 1). 


High fragmentation and outdated home-building methods have fostered an industry environment plagued by poor productivity and frequent overruns in cost and time. 


Contech solutions offer a faster time to market, leaner budgets, consistent quality, and reduced risk – all translating to high-quality homes and buildings that can be built at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional construction.  


As America’s official construction technology association hub, our value proposition is defined by the quality of our information and research, along with the number of connections* that we enable our entire ecosystem of contech and proptech members, builders, developers, architects, engineers, contractors, and the financial industry which supports them.  We must also include the international affiliates participation since they are so ahead of us, and we must be humble and learn from what they’ve done and avoid the mistakes they have made.


Contech America’s ecosystem creates high quality connections to all its stakeholders, by paving paths of minimal resistance, promoting technology adoption and implementation in the construction arena.  


*A connection is defined as any relationship created due to Contech America. This includes but is not limited to: intellectual, commercial, personal, social, financial, consultancy, educational, sales, marketing and distribution.

The end product becomes educating an entire industry.  In that process we will enable stakeholders to realize commercial transactions that are easier to consummate and less costly from global participants. We can only expedite the American construction industry’s adoption of technology from studying “more mature markets” like Germany, Japan, Singapore, Norway, Finland, Canada, and other developed nations.

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